Revised on January 10, 2019




The Blind Center has traditionally held a Thanksgiving luncheon at the Pudgy Pelican Restaurant a week or so before Thanksgiving. However, this year with the closure of the Pudgy Pelican, the Blind Center volunteers led by Audrey Emery prepared a delicious luncheon served at the Church meeting room. It was an excellent lunch and we thank Audrey and our dedicated volunteers for stepping up and continuing this tradition.


Each year during the Holiday Season the Blind Center has gone on an excursion and attended a play or concert. We have always had lunch prior to attending the performance. This year, volunteer Carol Fiore, arranged for our participants to attend a performance of Scrooge at Elaine’s Dinner Theater on Saturday, December 15. The play was coupled with a delicious lunch provided by the staff of Elaine’s. Several participants were accompanied by their spouses and a large group of 22 participants and guests enjoyed the play and lunch. It was pouring rain all day but the weather did not dampen the spirits of our participants, volunteers and guests. The attendance was made possible by the generous donations of several benefactors of the Blind Center.


Further in keeping with the Holiday Season, the Blind Center of the Jersey Cape held its annual Christmas Party at the Church meeting room. A lunch was provided and music with caroling and the playing of old favorites was provided by volunteer Lottie Honer, with Gerry McFarland, Lotti’s brother on guitar. A game of trading Christmas presents, led by volunteer Mary Lewis, was enjoyed by all the participants.


In 2019, unlike other years, the Blind Center will remain open for the entire schedule in January and February. Of course, the weather in these months can be problematic, so the participants and volunteers should be aware each meeting day if the Fare Free Transportation Company will be operating. If Fare Free is closed down, then the Blind Center will be closed also; but if Fare Free is operating, even in the snow, then the Blind Center will remain open.


Many of the Blind Center’s favorite programs will continue during January and February. Tom Celendine will return on February 7 to provide his take on old movies and movie stars, while Melissa Palmer from MAC will return on January 10 to provide a timely talk on the history of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. June Willis, who usually hibernates in the South during the cold months, will be here on January 22 before she migrates to her southern hideaway. Bonnie Kratzer, Cap May County’s Parish Nurse, will return to provide important talks on self-management of various health issues. Of course, the Blind Center will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a gala pizza party. Jim Doran and Clint Adams, the Blind Center’s favorite musicians, will provide their renditions of many popular favorites and it is possible that Reggie Lancaster can be persuaded to lead the group in ”On the Way to Cape May”.


Technology lessons, which have in recent years been emphasized in January and February, will again be provided with appearances by the Blind Center’s long-time technology instructor Mario Tobia and the return of Sean Farrell and an assistant from the Avalon Public Library to also provide instruction on IPhone use and access to novels in oral form.


The Blind Center of the Jersey Cape’s Trustee Board wants to thank the generous benefactors whose donations have made these programs possible. We specifically want to recognize, John R. Greed and the Mutual of America Insurance Foundation; Avalon Lions Club; Daniel and Candice Noonan; Polish American Club and the Ancient Order of Hiberians.


Without these generous donations the activities of the Blind Center would be substantially diminished and we thank all our donors for their assistance during the past year.