Revised on November 12, 2018


Following up on the participants’ requests for more excursions outside of the Church meeting room, on September 18 the participants and volunteers visited the Avalon Historical Society where they received a talk on the history of the City of Avalon and the surrounding environs. Subsequently, the group retired to its meeting room for a pizza lunch.

On October 9, the volunteers and participants journeyed to Cape May for a ride on a trolley sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) which passed through the historic district of old Cape May. The moderator from MAC described the historic buildings and provided an interesting and humorous account of events in old Cape May. After the trolley ride the group retired to Stewart’s restaurant on the mall for a satisfying lunch.

The Blind Center’s traditional anniversary celebration was held this year on October 23 at the Avalon Links Restaurant with several invited guests providing congratulatory messages to the participants and volunteers of the Blind Center of the Jersey Cape. Included among the guests congratulating the Blind Center for 18 years of service to the blind and visually impaired of Cape May County were Dan Mulraney, Director of Fare Free transportation, Christa Fitzsimons of the Cape May Department of Aging and Disability Services and our own Reverend Doctor Dave Montanye of the First United Methodist Church of Avalon. Subsequently the participants, volunteers and guests enjoyed a delicious luncheon prepared by the courteous staff of the Avalon Links. See photos below:


More photos from our Anniversary Luncheon:


The Blind Center was saddened this year to learn of the closure of the Pudgy Pelican Restaurant where the group had for many years celebrated with a Thanksgiving luncheon. However, the volunteers, led by Audrey Emery, Mary Lewis, Carol Fiore, Janet Gibbins, Mike Mowery and Eileen MacCormack will prepare a delicious Thanksgiving lunch for the Blind Center and the longstanding tradition will not be lost.

On October 11, the Blind Center of the Jersey Cape was honored to receive a donation of $1,000 from the Avalon Lions Club which has been supremely supportive of the Blind Center for the past several years. See below the photo of Avalon Lions Club President Maryann Snyder presenting the Lions Club check to volunteers and participants of the Blind Center:


The Blind Center’s traditional Christmas Party will be held on December 18 at the Blind Center’s meeting room at the First United Methodist Church of Avalon. Santa Claus has appeared at the Center’s Christmas Party in past years. Will we be honored again this year?


The Blind Center will be closed November 6, Election Day; November 8, Church Christmas Bazaar; November 22, Thanksgiving Day and December 20, 25 and 27, Christmas closure.