Revised on October 30, 2017


November and December 




Due to the many holidays in November and December the Blind Center is subject to numerous closures . This year the Blind Center will be closed on Tuesday November 7  due to the Election Day Holiday, Thursday November 9  due to the use of the Blind Center’s room by the church for it’s Christmas Bazaar,  , Tuesday November 14, an in-service day for Fare Free Transportation, Thursday, November      23, thanksgiving, Thursday December 21, Tuesday December 26  and Thursday December 28, Christmas holidays.




Happenings at the Blind Center of the Jersey Cape in September and October.  In compliance with the wishes of the participants of the Blind Center of the Jersey Cape  there were a number of lectures regarding foreign travel. Bob Grace on september    5,  discussed his recent trip to Kenya where he worked in a summer camp for children. His advventures in Kenya were quite interesting. Bob brought to the Blind Center several of the fine carvings done by the natives of this East African nation. The wood carvings that he brought  with him to the Blind Center were passed around the room His tales of his work with the children and his ventures into other parts of the country proved quite interesting  to the participants  and volunteers present to hear his presentation.


Also in keeping with the theme of foreign travel, Doug Long discussed his trip this past summer into the former Soviet bloc country, Belarus.  His discussions of the terraine, customs, politics,   the nature of the people and his work with the children proved quite interesting for the group.

Doug’s wife, Linda,  , a  Blind Center favorite guest discussed her work this summer in Atlantic City with the youth in that Atlantic county town. , Linda’s appearance is always anticipated by the Blind Center participants and volunteers not only for the many delicious desserts that she brings but also for her enthusiastic support of the blind Center.

The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts returned to the Blind Center for several interesting lectures about the history of the Cape May region discussing defenses of the region in various wars discussion of the best and worst U.S. Presidents and finally the introduction of spooky supernatural music in keeping with Halloween.




On October 24 the group celebrated the 17th anniversary of the founding of the Blind center by Millicent Saraduke. Receiving recognitions for their dedicated work were the many volunteers and instructors who strive to make the Blind center an inspiration for the blind and visually impaired of Cape May County. Guest speakers, Crysta Fitzsimmons of the County Office of Aging and Disability Services and Suzanne Woolbert of the New Jersey Commission for the Blind  congratulated the volunteers and participants on their 17th anniversary and explained the numerous programs available for the participants of the Blind Center. Many of the assembled celebrants spoke about their experiences at the Blind Center. The meeting concluded with a rousing chorus of “On the Way to Cape May”  led by Reggie Lancaster.  subsequently the group retired to the Pudgy Pelican Restaurant where owner, Ron Griffin, provided a delicious meal for the group.



The Blind Center during the fall meetings  was also treated to the programs of it’s favorite lecturers and instructors,namely John pekich, June Willis, Carol Donohue, Mario Tobia, andy Moceriand tom Celendine.





The Blind Center’s Thanksgiving luncheon this year will be held on Thursday, November 16 at the Pudgy Pelican restaurant. This celebration has been a long standing tradition at the blind Center and each year ron Griffin and his staff prepare a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.On Tuesday, December 19 the participants will celebrate the holidays with their triditional Christmas party. June Willis, the group’s music director will lead the bell chorus from the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May with  renditions of favorite Christmas caroles. The assembled celebrants will also join in on the singing of caroles and winter favorites. The big question is whether Santa will return to greet the Blind Center participants and volunteers.


The Blind Center’s Christmas vacation will begin on Thursday December 21 and conclude with the groups return for another year  on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.




We are happy to announce that the Fund for the New Jersey Blind has once again honored the Blind Center of the Jersey Cape by providing it’s grant for technology lessons and craft materials. We look forward to further lessons from the Blind Center’s technology instructor, Mario Tobia and continued challenging craft projects.