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(A no-fee to participate organization)
P.O. Box 624, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 (609)624-0931


First Methodist Church of Avalon
3344 Dune Drive, Avalon, NJ 08202
(609) 967-4204

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday and Thursday
10 AM to 1:30 PM


Congratulations to all our July and August Birthday participants, volunteers and instructors!


Our prayers and good wishes go out to our fellow participants and volunteers who may be “under the
weather”. Hope you will be feeling well soon!



Tuesday, July 3, 12 Noon Bob Heimley, Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts on New Jersey’s Contribution to the War for Independence

Thursday, July 5, 12 Noon June Willis, Patriotic Music



Tuesday, July 17, 12 Noon Mario Tobia, Technology Lesson and Games with Mike Mowery

Thursday, July 19, 12 Noon Brian Woolbert, Jazz Pianist

Tuesday, July 24, 12 Noon Janet Gibbons, Arts and Crafts

Thursday, July 26, 12 Noon Bingo

Tuesday, July 31 Avalon Boardwalk Excursion


Thursday, August 2, 12 Noon Jack McVeigh, Speaking on his world travels

Tuesday, August 7, 12 Noon Bob Heimley, Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts on Victorian Influences on Cape May

Thursday, August 9, 12 Noon Janet Gibbons, Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, August 14, 12 Noon Mario Tobia, Technology Lesson and Games with Mike Mowery

Thursday, August 16, 12 Noon Bingo

Tuesday, August 21, 12 Noon June Willis, Music Program


Thursday, August 23, 12 Noon Book Club

Tuesday, August 28 End of Summer Picnic

Thursday, August 30 BLIND CENTER CLOSED

(NOTE: Every Tuesday at 10:30 AM, Carole Donohue with Exercise Program.)

(NOTE: Every Thursday in August, from 10:30 to 12 Noon, four of our participants will be receiving IPad lessons from an instructor from Advancing Opportunities sponsored by the N.J. Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.)

On May 5, participant George Walsh presented to the Blind Center of the Jersey Cape a check for $2,500 representing a donation from George’s son-in-law, John Greed. Mr. Greed has been extremely generous to the Blind Center both this year and the past two years. On behalf of the participants and volunteers, we thank Mr. Greed for his very generous donation which will allow the Blind Center to carry out many useful and interesting projects for the benefit of the blind and visually impaired of Cape May County. In addition, Mr. Greed’s employer, Mutual of America, has agreed to match his $2,500 donation with their matching funds program. We again thank Mr. Greed and Mutual of America for their very generous donations to the Blind Center.

On May 3, the Blind Center participants and volunteers participated in the Senior Jamboree at the Avalon Community Center. They were treated to patriotic music, speeches from local officials and music and dancing. Several of our participants and volunteers demonstrated their talents on the dance floor. A delicious lunch was served at the behest of the County Department of Aging and Disability Services. A good time was had by all.

The Avalon Free Public Library sent to the Blind Center on several occasions its experts in technology led by Sean Farrel to help the Blind Center participants and volunteers with learning how to effectively operate their IPhone and IPad. Such advanced devices which allow a visually impaired person to communicate effectively by voice was a big help to the Blind Center participants and we appreciate the assistance of Library personnel in helping us to understand these complicated devices which are almost essential in this technology age.

It was with sadness that we learned of the death of one of the Blind Center’s long time participants, Warren Roseland. Warren’s wife, Judy, was a volunteer at the Blind Center. Several of the Blind Center participants and volunteers attended the Memorial Service for Warren at the St. John Lutheran Church on June 2 in Ocean City. The Blind Center, participants and volunteers extend their sincerest condolences to Judy and her children. We hope to see Judy at our meetings later this year.


The Blind Center will kick off the summer season with its traditional beginning of summer picnic. This year it will be held on Tuesday, June 26 at the Cape May Zoo, Pavilion 5. A lunch of Italian sandwiches and hoagies will be served. Entertainment will be provided by Jim Doran on guitar and vocals accompanied by Clint Adams on percussion. Let’s hope for good weather!

Please note that the Blind Center will be closed on Tuesday, July 10 and Thursday, July 12 due to the Blind Center’s room being used by our host First United Methodist Church for a Bible Study Program.

On July 19, the Blind Center welcomes back talented Jazz Pianist Brian Woolbert who will entertain our participants and volunteers with his renditions of old favorites and also many of Brian’s own creations. Brian played for the Blind Center last summer and was an instant sensation. He is a talented pianist and vocalist currently attending Cairn University in Langhorn, PA where he is studying music and technology. We look forward to the return of Brian to the Blind Center.

In August, the technology instructors of Advancing Opportunities will provide IPad classes for four participants for one and one-half hours, the first four Thursdays in August. These classes are sponsored by the N.J. Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. These classes will allow four participants of the Blind Center to become effective users of the IPad which now seems almost essential in this modern world.

Due to the request by more than four of the Blind Center’s participants for IPad instruction the Blind Center has retained long time technology expert Mario Tobia to assist other participants in their quest to learn the intricacies of the IPad.

Returning to the Blind Center this summer will be Dr. Bob from the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts with several interesting lectures. On July 3, Dr. Bob will speak on New Jersey’s contribution to the American War for Independence and on Tuesday, August 7 he will discuss the Victorian influence on Cape May.

Much traveled Blind Center participant, Jack McVeigh will talk about several of his travels to exotic countries and his interesting experiences on these worldwide excursions.

The Blind Center participants and volunteers will continue one of the Center’s long time traditions by taking a stroll on the Avalon Boardwalk on July 31. After walking to a pavilion where they will solve the problems of the world, they will then walk to a nearby café for lunch. Again, we hope for a sunny day for this summer outdoor excursion.

Traditionally the Blind Center has bid farewell to summer with an indoor picnic on the last

Tuesday of August. This year is no exception and the group will be treated to a delicious picnic lunch and again music by Jim Doran and Clint Adams.

(Answer on last page)
Can you guess what I am?

1. I’m hard to see when I’m new…
2. …but easy to see at night.
3. I fly an American flag.
4. People talk about the man in me.
5. From time to time, people are superstitious about me.
6. I reflect light from the sun.
7. I’m yellow in Lucky Charms cereal.
8. My pull has an effect on the oceans’ tides.
9. I can go from quarter to half to full without changing size.
10. Wolves like to howl at me.


“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in the world. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.”……….Kahlil Gibran

“Life is a promise, fulfill it.”………Mother Theresa


Two men were sitting side by side on an airliner flying from Denver to Los Angeles. The first man appeared nervous and finally explained that he was being transferred to L.A. “I hate Los Angeles,” he said. “Everything you hear about L.A. is bad – smog, traffic, and worst of all, the crime. Gangs everywhere, people getting shot and robbed, things stolen, car jackings, and everyone hates everyone else.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” said the second man. “I live in L.A. myself. Most of that stuff you read is media hype. It’s just not true. You’ll find L.A. is just like any other city, anywhere in America.” “Really?” responded the first. “Boy that makes me feel a lot better. You say you live in L.A. – what do you do for a living?” “I’m a tail gunner on a Bud Lite delivery truck.”



Did Captain Kidd really bury some of his treasure on Cape May County beaches? No one has ever found any of it if he did. At least, no one has ever admitted that they have found any of it. But that hasn’t stopped the legends from being told and retold about secret treasure chests lying somewhere beneath the sands. Documented reports note that there was, indeed, pirate activity here. In one instance, at least, a Governor Bass claimed to have “been credibly informed that Captain Kidd..had been seen and spoken to…” aboard a large sloop near Cape May. The Governor allegedly “saw the sloop himself when he went down to the Cape after other pirates” and would have attempted to capture it had it not “outsailed his vessel.”

At another time,, a Captain Eli Barnett, keeper of the life-saving station at the north end of Wildwood – Holly Beach (today’s North Wildwood on 5 Mile Beach) witnessed an interesting excursion. Through his telescope, he spied a sailing vessel that dropped anchor offshore to allow some men to lower a boat and row ashore. Once landed and having gotten their bearings, these men “disappeared among the dunes. Sometime later, they reappeared on the beach, carrying a chest which they stowed in the yawl boat and returned to the ship. When they reached the ship, they hoisted the chest on board and sailed away.” Captain Kidd’s treasure? Maybe. Storied like this one led to much digging being done at Sea Grove (Cape May Point) many years ago. It was rumored that pirates’ buried treasure could be found there.

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